We have a measurable share to reliable functionality of all electric systems on board of your fleet.
Cruise without obstacles
You should always be able to rely on your ships´ systems. As your full-service provider, we contribute measurably to the reliability of all electrical systems on board your ships.

Our employees have many years of experience in installation, maintenance and repair of electrical systems and diesel-electric propulsion on river cruise ships. We advise and support you during commissioning especially for diesel-electric propulsion.

Use our high-quality full service to effectively prevent technical failure.

Tailor-made maintenance contracts for optimal stability and long lifespan of all electrical systems on board.
and long lifespan of all electrical systems on board.

24/7 call-by-call service for maintenance and repair on board - reliable, fast and professional

Cost efficient planning and binding implementation - guaranteed by our coordination team.

Comprehensive expertise in diesel-electric propulsion systems.

Qualified and certified specialists, among others, approved surveyor of GDWS for inspection of electrical equipment on inland shipping.